The project of the Mediterranean Platform Quality of Agriculture and Food

The project

The draft of the platform Mediterranean Agronomic Agromed – quality is presented in the framework of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) in a cross border cooperation program between Sicily and Tunisia and established by the European Commission. It was introduced in March 2010 under the first call for project in the framework of the program.

The presentation of the project

The project is a symmetrical structure with the purpose of creating a balance between the two shores of the Mediterranean. This project met five active partners in economic and social development fields, namely : the Provincia Regionale di Caltanissetta, UTAP Tunisian Union for Agriculture and Fisheries, the center of ARES for research and development, UMAGRI the North African farmers Union, and the Provincial Agricoltori degli di Caltanissetta Union.

The role of the project and its objectives

This project aims to promote the integration of agricultural and food industries between Sicily and Tunisia, to improve product quality and strengthen the presence of its food products in international markets.

The main activity is : the creation of a technological platform and a Mediterranean institute of quality in the food sector, which has been entrusted to UMAGRI.

The thirtieth session of the agricultural fair Macfrut 2013 Chezenia- Italy, 25-27 September 2013.

The exhibition was organized on the theme of plants, technologies, production related services, packaging, transportation and marketing of fresh vegetables and fruits.
The participation of UMAGRI at the show targeted the support of the Mediterranean platform for quality that is fused with the project “Agro Med Quality”: The quality of agriculture in the Mediterranean Basin.

The eighth session of the International Fair of Agriculture in Morocco in 2013 SIAM Meknes – the Kingdom of Morocco 25-28 April 2013.

Better information on the organization’s objectives in the framework of the project “Agro Med quality.” The promotion of the Mediterranean Observatory quality, and the expansion of the organization’s data base.

The Mediterranean Symposium on “quality and food security in the Euro-Mediterranean region”, Tunisia March 6, 2013.

In the framework of the creation of the Mediterranean observatory, UMAGRI has organized a seminar on the theme of “Quality and food security in the Euro-Mediterranean region.”
to provide the main activities of the project, including the design of the electronic platform and the perspectives for creating a Mediterranean observatory quality. To approach the question of agricultural and food products quality in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
The contribution of experts in the field of quality and food safety of the two shores of the Mediterranean had for sure strengthened the seminar.

Meeting for the effective launching of SFOAP program. Addis Ababa, 10-16 March 2013.

According to the decision to integrate UMAGRI into the second phase of SFOAP program , the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has invited the Union to participate in the meeting scheduled specifically to finalize the wording of the draft for the next step and give it a kickoff for its effective implementation; UMAGRI and the International Fund for Agricultural Development , approved the draft program and financial agreement relating thereto, to make it truly launched on 1 April 2013 until December 2014.

National consultations on the strategic plan of UMAGRI Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Sudan (2013).

The Maghreb Union farmers organized consultations on the strategic plan of the organization, in coordination with member organizations. These workshops are based on the system of partnership based on the actual contribution of the number of participants: elected officials, administrators, and experienced technicians in the field. At the end of the workshops, all proposals from organizations have been brought together to provide support for the implementation of a strategic plan and the development status of UMAGRI .


A workshop on the Support to Farmers Organizations in Africa Program (SFAOP), Nairobi, Kenya, from 23 to 27 September 2012.

In accordance with the decision to integrate UMAGRI into the second phase of the SFOAP program, UMAGRI attended the meeting at which the first phase and the timing of implementation of this project were assessed. The problems faced by regional networks of African agricultural organizations during the first phase were presented to be avoided during the second phase. The last points have been established for the development of the final project for its next phase, to be launched by 2013.


Visiting experts from International Fund for Agricultural Development for North Africa: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Egypt, Sudan, 02-13 July 2012 :

In preparation for the main phase of the Support to Farmers Organizations in Africa Program (SFAOP), a team of experts from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) visited the member organizations of UMAGRI as well as of other organizations in North Africa. The purpose of this visit was to identify organizations which are active in those countries, and to measure their capacity to support farmers and their respective representations. Weaknesses and suggestions appeared in the experts’ report and also adequate remedy proposals to be adopted in the framework of the Support Program for Farmers’ Organizations.